Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Exceedingly Amazed!

Family Outing on the subway to Odori Park.  This is where the Snow Festival takes place in February.

Things have been so busy.  I’m behind!

On Tuesday, July 25th we began a 1,000 mile journey--a triangle--up to the northernmost part of the Island, then down and across to the most eastern tip and back to Sapporo.  We interviewed 38 missionaries along the way and got back home on Saturday evening.  We saw lots of beautiful country—miles upon miles of fields, but even better than that was getting to know 38 of our missionaries better.  “Exceedingly Amazed” is a phrase used a lot in the Book of Mormon.  The more I get to know these young Elders and Sisters, the more amazed I am.  It is astonishing how willing they are to totally consecrate this time in their life to the Lord.  They are beautiful inside and out!

Aren't they cute!

We went to see this apartment of 4 elders late one evening.  They were on splits, so there were 6 staying the night.  There was a sweet, powerful feeling that we felt here. The Spirit was strong!  How blessed we are to work with such faithful servants and witnesses of Christ.

There were 3 quick sightseeing stops that we dashed out of the car to take pictures of.  Here they are:

Yes, you really could see Russia from here.

Yes, this really is Japan.  We were in cow country.

The picture doesn't do justice to the beauty of this spot.

Kacie became a missionary with a badge for 3 days.  One of our Sisters needed a companion for a few days and Kacie was able to fill the role.  She slept on a futon, rode a bike and thoroughly enjoyed her wonderful companion.

We have a once a month Family Home Evening Activity at our home where missionaries bring their investigators.  We had a full house--80+ people!

This is a tradition in the mission--to "pie" a missionary before they go home.

Our Amazing Assistants!

Zone Conferences are fun!!


  1. So wonderful to see you. What a great mission you have. We love you all.

  2. The pictures are wonderful and seeing the work there in Japan is amazing. There is nothing greater than being a servant to the Lord in all things. Best wishes to you all.

  3. Thank you so very much for this blog and sharing the sacred work you do and oversee.

  4. I'm so sad I missed seeing you before you left. Things go so busy. I'm sure even more so for you. I love the pictures. The mission is lucky to have you.

  5. Love that you do these! Thanks for including us just a little in your wonderful mission experiences.

  6. Thanks for these blog posts, Aunt Jeni. Great insight into your work.


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